The S.S. St. Helena

Issued in July 2010 and sponsored by Murgatroyd’s Tattoo Parlour and Thai Food Takeaway.

The SS St Helena has been in service around Pharos since 1946.  It functions as a mail packet steamer, ferry and supply ship making daily journeys to and from the mainland between April and September.  She likes to have her bottom scraped in late winter.

She is 239 feet long with a beam of 57 feet and is proud to have a triple expansion three crank diagonal steam engine.  But then you can tell that just by looking at her.  What a beauty!

scan0050a SK 7

scan0050 SK 7c

scan0049 SK7s

scan0051 SK7i

S. S. St. Helena

SK No.TypeDescription
7107p SS St Helena Black and shades of Teal
7SSheet of 28
7bFlag beamer
7c7p used alone on cover
7i11Murgatroyd's Tattoo Parlour insert

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