The Eight Stone Lightship

Issued in June 2010 and sponsored by Good Evans Wine.

The lightship marks a sandbank lying off the east coast of Pharos that is studded with 8 jagged rocks. It is the third vessel of its kind and took position in June 1930. She is 101 feet long and 25 feet wide; iron below the waterline and steel above. Both light and foghorn have ranges of 10 miles.

scan0027a SK6

scan0027 SK6c

scan0028 SK6S

scan0029 SK6i

The Eight Stones Lightship

SK NumberTypeDescription
688p Eight Stones Lightship; Shades of grey with primrose border and mustard lowlights
6SSheet of 28
6bCloud/foghorn beamer
6c8p used alone on cover
6i9Good Evans Wine sponsorship insert

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