Sinking of the SS Blairopoly

Issued in May 2010 this is the first Pharos sheet issue not to feature a lighthouse.

The stamp commemorates the sinking of the SS Blairopoly on May 1, 1866, just a few hundred yards off the southwest coast of Pharos. As a response to the disaster, a public subscription raised the funds to build a new lighthouse at South Point, now known as Loveless Head.

The bodies of Capt Brown, the crew, and the cargo of guano, all later washed ashore. The sinking is remembered every year on May 1.

The issue was sponsored by Holloway’s Ales – reminding us all how the Blairopoly disaster drove everyone to drink.

scan0027 SK5

scan0026 SK5c

scan0028 SK5S


Sinking of the SS Blairopoly

SK NumberTypeDescription
566p Sinking of the SS Blairopoly; Cherry Red, Black and shades of Stormcloud Grey
5SSheet of 28
5bBorder strands reversed Beamer
5c5p used alone on cover
5i7Holloway's Ales sponsorship insert

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