Hooper Island Lighthouse

Issued in April 2010

The lighthouse on Hooper Island was built in 1859 and has been manned by the same family – the Bells – since its construction.  The tower is 26 metres high and the light is 37 metres above mean high water.  The light shows one white and one red flash every 10 seconds.  The white flash is visible for 12 nautical miles, the ref for just 9.

Following comments about the colour palette used on previous issues Hilary has taken advice from the renowned Woodby’s House of Colour and a slip advertising their sponsorship was included with the subscription issue.

This issue may be unique – or at least we all hope it will – in that the Beamer is so teeny-tiny that it might better be known to posterity as the “Invisible Beamer”.  Hilary promises there will not be another one like it.

April 2 SK4

April 1 SK4c

April 3 SK4s

April 4 SK4w

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