2010 St Valentine’s Day

This is the fifth annual release of a St Valentine’s stamps for the Isle of Vue, a province of Laernu, a parallel world accessed by only a select few people over the years; one of whom, fortunately for us, was a philatelist.

Apart from the stamps there was a Valentines card, covers, bonus extras and an A4 proof with all the Valentines stamps of the Isle of Vue from 2006 till 2010

Additionally members of the Cinderella Stamp Forum qualified for an additional gift of an alternate unreleased design stamp issue

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2010 St Valentine's Day

SK NumberTypeDescription
4440Single 1F Big hearted cherub
44vSingle 1F Big hearted cherub E in front of bow variant
44v2Single 1F Big hearted cherub 2 extra stars variant
44f141Single 1F Big hearted cherub For my Valentine design 1
44f242Single 1F Big hearted cherub For my Valentine design 2
44f343Single 1F Big hearted cherub For my Valentine design 3
44v3Single 1F Big hearted cherub No stars variant
44iv44xThe 3 For my Valentine and No star variants in a strip of 4
44sSheet of 16 1F Big hearted cherub including 1 variant 44v
44c1Standard cover with single franked standard stamp. Edition of 50
44c2Deluxe cover with standard stamp and the variant, franked. Edition of 20
44psA4 proof sheet of all Isle of Vue Valentines stamps 2006 - 2010 including all variants
44vcValentines Card in stamped and franked envelope with Certificate of authenticity limited to 50
44l1Single stamp Brown envelope with stamp and presentation card
44l2Thank You Brown envelope
44l3Early bird Brown envelope
44aAddress label for packaging with Cherub motif and Passion and Devotion frank
45a45Alternate stamp - right facing cherub
45b46Alternate stamp - left facing cherub
45avAlternate stamp - right facing cherub, no stars variant
45bvAlternate stamp - left facing cherub, no stars variant
45sSheet of 16 alternate designs, 8 of each with one each of the no-star variants
45pvJoined pair of Alternate design no-star variants

image199 44e image201 44f image203 44g

image205 44s image207 44ps

image209 44vc image211 44c2

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