Welcome to www.askmeaboutstamps.com.  This website is dedicated to the cinderella stamp issues discussed on the Cinderella Stamp Forum.  It is intended to catalogue stamps which are the designs of Forum members who are thus able to demonstrate just how brilliant they are!  The site is run by fans of Cinderella Stamps for fans.

The initial build of the site covered the stamps designed and produced by Colin Edwards and Alan Batley and Steve Tandy.  We subsequently added Hilary Daniels as a contributor along with the prodigious output of Gerald King.  Our most recent contributor is Peter Yorke with his Isle of Samson issues.

The latest issues are of Hughes’ Zoo from  Steve Tandy’s ever imaginative Welsh Postal Oddities issues (Steve’s own Welsh Oddities web site can be found at the end of this link),  Loveless Lighthouse from Hilary Daniels’ illuminating Pharos series, Gerald King’s Alternative Lundy postal history items together with his Alternative GB issues and Colin Edwards’ Isle of Vue 2017 Valentine Issue.

We are also delighted that we have been allowed by Martin Husband to provide a link to his Isle of Anglesey Stamps website.  These are lovely issues which should be in the collection of everyone who loves that very special island; and that should include everyone!  Get buying!

And you’ll also really want to see Tom Maringer’s site here at The Shirepost.  Some of Tom’s previous Shire stamp issues can be found on this site here.  One day there may be time to complete the listing of Tom’s prolific output – or there may not be!

In order to speed page-loading times we have reduced the size of the images on some pages.  If you want to see a larger version then click on any of the images.  Sometimes it’ll do the trick!

The Cinderella Forum is where the fans of these stamps congregate.  The original forum was lost with all hands when its hosting provider disappeared.  The new, improved, version can be found here.  You’ll be made welcome when you join in.  And you just know you want to!  Go on.  Click the link.  Now!

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You might be here by mistake because you typed .com when you meant .co.uk.  If you are interested in Discworld Stamps then you are in the wrong place and the .co.uk website appears to be defunct.  But stay and have a look round first.  Hopefully you’ll find something to whet your appetite for other Cinderella stamp topics.

We’d like to thank everyone who has contributed information towards the building of the site. Folk involved in the development of the site include  Jonty, Wilfred, Pete, Daniel, Susanne, Steve and Keith.

This site recognises the moral rights and copyright of all designers and illustrators whose work is featured here. Please do not download any images from this site for commercial use without written permission from the copyright owners. If anyone viewing this site feels their individual rights have been infringed in any way please contact the administrator who can be found by e-mailing admin at our web address.

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